The Story So Far: After befriending two strangers in a coffee bar, the Bootlegger, Nu Davidson – wedding planner and events coordinator extroardinaire asked them if they would mind wearing a selection of Scarab Jewellery for an impromptu photoshoot. Mike and Bianca agreed. Photographer Claire Thomson and make-up artist Minke du Plessis got to work and produced these lovely images of two ordinary people going about their day wearing a few of our favourite pieces. In Chapter 2 of our jewellery story, we focus on Mike and a range of jewellery for men.

Jewellery Story My Sunny Someday Chapter 2 - Mike wearing a Mens Leather Silver Scarab Bracelet by Scarab Jewellery Studio
R1,800 incl. VAT

Mike sports a leather thong bracelet with Silver hardware – available in various sizes (sizing chart on product page lists 7 sizes for wrist measuring 14 cm to 20 cm). Very masculine. Very classy. Mike also wears the new Soft Square Silver ring for men.

R3,900 incl. VAT
Mens Solid Silver Soft Square Ring by Scarab Jewellery Studio
R7,510 incl. VAT
R1,500 incl. VAT
R9,030 incl. VAT

Completing his casual man-about-town look, Mike wears one of our classic signature Scarab Pendants. Ships with adjustable leather thong (600mm in length – about 24 inches) to suit all sizes. This is a Unisex pendant and the leather thong can be replaced with a chain of your choosing (not included in price).

Jewellery Story My Sunny Someday Chapter 2 - Mike wearing Silver Scarab pendant by Scarab Jewellery Studio
R2,300 incl. VAT
R2,650 incl. VAT
R1,900 incl. VAT
R1,200 incl. VAT

We are expanding our range of jewellery for men – see a selection of Wedding Rings for men and our new Silver Moonstone Cufflinks. Also remember that we specialise in bespoke design and upcycling your current pieces you don’t wear into something new.